Who are the JargonMasters?

JargonMaster is owned and operated by Simon Sharwood and Elissa Baxter, a husband and wife team.

Simon is a senior journalist, copywriter, editor, podcaster, speaker and observer of the information technology industry. In 1982, Simon bought his first computer - a Sinclair ZX Spectrum - and he has rarely left a keyboard since. His obsessive interest in new technology and 15 years experience in the industry help him to understand how technology will change the way we live, and to translate technology jargon into language everyone understands.

Simon received the IT Journo Award for Best Business Technology Writer of 2008.

Elissa is a former corporate lawyer turned writer, editor and photographer. She is interested in the way technology changes visual communication, the legal landscape and how businesses operate. She is also a photographer specialising in portraiture and reportage.

Elissa received the IT Journo Award for the Best New Technology Journalist of 2007.

JargonMaster is based in Sydney, Australia.


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